What is employee empowerment in the workplace?
Empowering the employee in giving him a certain degree of responsibility in making decisions regarding his organizational tasks that are within reach. Empowerment is the process of delegating an individual to think, act, take actions and control decisions in ways of self-sufficiency. Empowering the employee provides some distinct advantages. Why is empowering employees important? Common from managers all over the world. The empowerment team often leads to an increased organizational response, an increase in productivity, and an increased degree of employee commitment to organizational goals and many others. Research has shown that when employees feel empowered at work, this leads to stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and increased workplace productivity and commitment to the company

How can you empower employees to work leaders must consider the following steps?

1- Development delegate
Let the employee take over the new task, for example, ask the employee to lead a meeting or share major projects or anything new with the intention of developing the capabilities of your employees, this will enable them to accomplish the task and do a good job

2- Defining clear expectations
Smart leaders know that each employee has unique powers – define the boundaries in which your employee has the freedom to act by setting clear expectations – you give your employees permission to make decisions consistent with the company’s goals

3- Encouraging two-way communication
If you do not allow open conversations between your team members, you may have made a mistake
Create better communication practices where both parties must be on the same platform. The ProofHub Collaboration Program provides an effective two-way communication platform that addresses communication needs.

4- Giving employees autonomy over the tasks
When you authorize not to do so with the intention of working the same way you want you should avoid microcosm and think that your method may not be the only best way

5- Supporting learning and development
Most of your employees want to develop professionally and not just for two workers. Helping them achieve their personal goals is part of empowering the team as enabling an educational environment to help them develop at the speed that suits them.

6- Developing a cooperative team
By encouraging employees to make decisions, be more democratic by consulting about decisions that affect them and giving up responsibility for the team while continuing to guide them towards better solutions.

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What is employee empowerment in the workplace?

7- Flexibility towards errors
If your team does not make mistakes, you do not reach the adequate level. When you stop blaming the mistakes that were made, employees will consider them as an educational experience.

8- Discussing the company’s vision
There is nothing better than making employees feel that they are an important part of building something, it enables employees to know that their contribution makes a clear difference.

9- Providing growth paths
If you do not give way to growth, you will force people to leave your work or work without a heart. Of course, overtime can be a great opportunity for growth, but you do not feel that you are simply getting additional work without progress such as new titles, increases and rewards, strive to provide strong ways for the growth of your employees and do not let the progress of your team It passes unnoticed

10 – praise efforts
Praise is one of the strongest gifts that you can give to your employees It gives them the motivation and motivation to continue Reward the great performers Know the hero of the project Be encouraged to learn and grow and be creative and take action and solve problems

11- Do not avoid side talks
How often do you sit with your employees and engage in one-to-one conversation? You can have a small conversation with individuals in your office, restroom or cafeteria Ask about the progress of their work and get to know your employees on a personal level Show you are interested in them in a survey conducted by Glassdoor Two thirds of people agree that their boss has had some positive impact on their careers Finally it can help you ProofHub chat (project management tool) increases transparency in the workplace by providing more productive solutions to enable teams to work together Remember employee empowerment is a key indicator of engagement (and other outcomes) that can help activities such as mentoring activities and empower the team in empowering your employees by highlighting The traits that make them special for building your dream team

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