10 of the best graphic design trends in 2019

Tasmim ART   •   January 24, 2019

Because of the advantages of cross-text images, graphics and logo designs have always been important aspects of every successful brand to reach out to their audiences. However, in a fast-moving world we live in, people expect change, innovation and creativity in what they see.
Hence, the task of designers is to think through the challenges by presenting the drawings and putting them in a great way to impress the audience.
People no longer want to see normal, random, or non-serious graphics. They want to communicate effectively with the graphics, logos and visuals that communicate with them.
Here are some graphic design trends for 2019

1. Unrecognized designs will lose the request
However, in 2019 you will see unusual, asymmetrical and inconsistent layouts, as the information you are looking for will not be in the ideal place you expected.
2019 is the year in which designers break old patterns and open the door to innovation and creativity in design.
Until now, website layouts and ads can be expected, and therefore we generally avoid the extreme corner of the windows because they were crowded with ads.

2. Simplicity will be the key to popularity
Navigating the world from the overload of information is a daunting task, as sophisticated graphic designs cause chaos or eye strain. Moreover, complicated design may lead to unnecessary confusion and take away the essence of the brand and thus, designers have realized that the best way to communicate with graphics is to keep them simple but powerful able to successfully convey the intended message. Moreover, simple designs convey the message directly, and sometimes the lack of description arouses curiosity among the audience to learn more about the brand.
In the Art Design team, we applied this trend in our Evotrun Advertising Campaign.

3. The amazing color gamut will become dominant
Thanks to the tremendous advancement in hardware renders in the past few years, we will see a richer, more vibrant and vibrant color palette in Designs Now it is easy to create designs and backgrounds, making them even more appealing with transitions and hues.

4. Cosmic effects and shades of blue
One of the biggest trends in graphic design in 2019 is the use of shades of blue, purple and black in the design to give the character of “cosmos or galaxy”.
These colors and shades not only bounce well with modern audiences, but also appear brighter and more beautiful on smart displays with excellent display features.

5. Metal will dominate the designs
You will see that designs will include more metallic colors in 2019. The output quality from previous display and printing techniques has not been great when it comes to gold, silver or other metallic colors.
However, thanks to the latest technology, you’ll see metallic colors everywhere – because it adds depth and power to designs and styles by creating a feel of luxury.

6. Back to the past: bold diodes
Duotone graphics were popular in the 1970s. Over time, they are set to return vigorously in 2019. Designers have realized that duotone is the perfect way to accentuate something from muddled content and make a quick impression.
Duotones also look impressive on high-quality displays. Thus, it will stay for a long time to come.

7. Hand-drawn texts are popular
You are wrong if you wonder that the handwritten designs and text are sized in the digital space. In fact, illustrations have become more popular due to the latest innovative tools like digital pens and stylus that can be used on laptop or tablet touch screen.
Hand-drawn texts always attract attention as they possess the qualities of originality, creativity and intimacy in design.

8. The colored lines somewhere
Previously the available digital fonts were not only limited, but their colors were monotonous. But not anymore! In 2019, we will see a rise in multiple colored elements. Hence, we expect many opportunities in terms of art and aesthetics to present ideas through texts.

9. Huge growth of GIF and Cinematograph files
GIF’s feature is that it resembles video in a loop. In 2019, we’ll see more GIFs due to the creation of more and more smart apps that have facilitated the creation of GIFs of lower size.
Some digital media companies are taking advantage of this trend and designing their web pages on the web using professional GIFs professionally and professionally.

10. Nostalgia for the past
The latest graphic design trends will be reflected in graphic patterns in 2019. Detailed antique shapes and mid-century styles are reflected in graphics everywhere. However, these intricate details will be made with a modern twist.
Art is an evolving system, and visual graphics are no exception.

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