We saw some distinctive graphic design trends in 2018. For example, engineering logos have already started this year.
But will these trends still exist or will they be dating your new brand in just a few years? Design trends come and go, so it’s imperative to keep up with the latest eye-catchingness of consumers.
If you are looking to reformulate your company’s brand or try to best define the logo design direction, keep reading to get inspired.

Passive space can do interesting things for your eyes. Tricks on your mind can play like an optical illusion. Or you can tell a story about what your company is about.
Either way, more and more companies are changing their logo to include negative space.
Attract your upcoming clients by making them wonder, are there two men looking at each other? Or is there a vase in a dark room?

In 2019, consumers will quickly move away from ideal symmetry and focus more on asymmetric designs.
Symmetry is often compared to beauty. When things are the same, they are placed in the right place.
So, when designs are asymmetric, they are actually picked up by the eye.
The first instinct in humans is knowing something is wrong. We must understand what is out of place. Once this is discovered, we can decide whether or not we love him in this way.
From a company point of view, asymmetry can be a very valuable tool. The idea of ​​a personal logo is uniqueness When your logo is asymmetric, you can be sure to pick up several individuals.

The idea of a messy slogan is similar to the idea of asymmetry.
A messy slogan will catch the eye of anyone who may not quite love the consumer mess of a slogan, but you’ve got their attention and it’s half the battle.
Others want to know what’s going on with the logo so they can get to it more closely.

Lack of clarity is a good trend to follow in your new or updated 2019 design.
We are in a phase where society feels a little separated, so why not keep this passion in your motto? It may bring a feeling of sympathy between consumers and your company.

In contrast to the messy and asymmetric design, some individuals will be more attractive to a more peaceful slogan.
Daily life can be messy, so some consumers search for a product that attracts them and makes them feel comfortable.
This is why many companies include fields, flowers, or surroundings in brand design.
It attracts the consumer’s desire for peace and serenity.

Dual tones were popular a few years ago, but now this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
It is well known in the advertising world that blue is a great color to attract consumers.
Psychology says today, “It is a color associated with feelings of calmness, reliability, productivity, and sometimes sadness.”
For many similar reasons, orange is used in the same way that graphic designers tend to use these colors simultaneously.
However, these colors may not match the feelings you want to convey with your company, so it is important to choose your company colors carefully.

Design trends are always changing, and you don’t want to get into an old trend that will need updating within 3 years.
Make your product design timeless by focusing on logo design trends.
It is a sure way to make sure your brand is attracting attention for future generations.