Are you aware that Instagram can take your brand to a greater level? And learning how to prepare a sponsored ad can give you results?
– Having a commercial website on the Internet means that you will constantly have to work to make sure that it ranks high. This is the only way that will be visible to your target audience to give you long-term success.
One way to make sure your site is working as it should is is to use reliable tracking tools like This will allow you to know if your ranking efforts are paying off, or if it is time to re-strategize.
– Creating ads is another option that lets you know people about your site and the problems that can help in solving them despite there are many platforms that you can use to post your ads, but these will mainly focus on Instagram, giving you effective advice on how to prepare an ad Under care on the road.
– It is important to understand why Instagram is the ideal platform for your ads For beginners, the social networking platform includes about one billion active users Half of the users engage daily with their friends?

People discover new brands on Instagram making it an exceptional platform to get more followers, create brand awareness, get more traffic, share, and ultimately more sales

What are funded Instagram ads
Let’s start by specifying what ads are funded
Instagram sponsored posts are organic posts that you pay to promote on the platform.
The platform offers five ad formats that you can easily integrate into news and feeds:
– Pictures.
– Videos.
– Story announcements.
Canvas Story Ads.

Steps to create ads
To create an Instagram ad, you must first link your company’s Instagram account to the Facebook business page. This will give you access to Facebook Ad Manager allowing you to set up ads that will work on both platforms.
From here, choose whether to create an ad with fast creation or targeted creation on Facebook Ads Manager.
Guided Advice – This gives you all the instructions and steps to create the perfect guide for beginners.
Quick Creation – gives you the freedom to create ad elements in the order you want without much guidance from the ad manager.
Once you complete the above-mentioned stage, the following steps include to complete the following:

1. Choose a goal
Ad Manager will provide a list of advertising campaign goals to explore such as:
– Reach allow the ad to reach the maximum number of users.
– Brand awareness Increase awareness by reaching an audience that will be interested in advertising.
– Traffic Send more users to a destination such as the app, website or messaging conversation.
– Conversions urge viewers to take action on your app or site.
– App installs – Direct people where to buy an app.
– Video Views Announcing videos showing product launches, behind scene snapshots, or stories that will make the brand more visible.
– Sharing In other words, sharing, gather details about the people who are interested in your website.
– Make sure to choose the most appropriate method for your site. After setting the goal, you’ll be asked to give the campaign a name. You can either leave it as a target or reach a detailed name for the purpose of campaign tracking.

2. Define your audience
Before posting an ad, you must have an idea of ​​who you want to reach. Facebook offers multiple options for exploration. Here you can choose things like:
– Age.
– Your location.
Interests and much more.

3. Choose your ad placement
– The Placement section gives you an opportunity to choose whether you want your ad to appear on Instagram and Facebook. If you don’t want to show ads on both sites, you can choose to edit your placements so that the ad only appears in a feed or Instagram.

4. Set the schedule and budget
Available options include:
– Daily budget – provides maximum daily spending.
– Permanent budget – available for ads of a certain age.
– Show ads continuously or at specific times throughout the day.
– While choosing the ideal option, the left column will give you statistics about the estimated daily number. This will give you an idea of ​​how many people the ad will reach in one day.

5. Create the ad
– This step allows you to choose the videos or images that the ad will contain. Facebook will give you a guide on the necessary layouts, design requirements and specifications that will make the ad in good condition After completing all the steps, click on the ad preview to make sure everything is in place. If you are happy with the results, press Confirm.